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School Play Information



Audition Info

  • Auditions will be in person again this year on November 15 and 16 in the school gym

  • You will sign up for an audition time slot after November 2

  • The audition form is to be filled out ONLINE.

  • Please prepare a monologue or poem (even tell a story!) that is 30 to 60 seconds long. Although it is not required to memorize your piece, we strongly encourage it.

  • We are looking for strong voices, stage presence, enthusiasm, and a great attitude!

  • Begin your audition with your name and the title of your poem or monologue.

Casting Info

  • ALL children who audition will be cast in the production.

  • The cast list will be posted December 1

  • Scripts will be available for download on the website. 

  • Students are to print their own scripts from home or use a device at rehearsal with the script uploaded to the device.

  • Students (with parent help) are to provide their own costumes. They are usually simple and inexpensive. A parent coordinator will contact and give instructions to all cast members.   

Rehearsal Info

  • Rehearsals begin on January 9, 2023, and will continue every Tuesday and Thursday starting at 6 pm at Deerfield continuing through mid-March.

  • Rehearsal times will extend to 7:30 pm on February 6 and until 8:00 pm beginning February 27. This is to accommodate running the entire show. See rehearsal schedule online for more details.

  • All rehearsals and performances in March are mandatory to participate in the school play.

Volunteer Info

  • Parents are asked to volunteer for one area of production. Please see the audition form for choices and indicate what you would like to do. Parent help and involvement are the key to the success of this production! We love our "School Play Parents!"​ 




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Peter Pan (online)


coming soon

Peter Pan


posted December 1

Peter Pan


coming soon!


Peter Pan


coming soon!

Peter Pan

"What Scene Am I In?"

(Actor/Scene Breakdown)

This will tell you what scenes your character is in!


Peter Pan




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